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Depending on application, vacuum cleaners are divided into two main categories. Category one is referred as Dry vacuum and it is used for vacuuming dust and dry particles only, whilst category two is referred as Wet & Dry and used for dust or liquid pick up. The design of motors used is different and depends on the application.

For more vacumm models please visit the official website of Nilfisk www.nilfisk.com    

Dry operation

  • GD930
  • PROF 932
  • VP300

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Wet & Dry operation

  • BF570
  • NEVADA 629
  • NEVADA 640

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A 15lt powerful and reliable vacuum

Model: GD930
Manufacturer: Nilfisk

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Double Motor Upright Vacuum cleaner 35lt

Name: Nilfisk GU 700A
Manufacturer: Nilfisk

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