Following are few of the projects that KLINETE has accomplished.

IMG_20181229_162904.jpg 03 Jan 2019  Nicosia Mall - Urban Furniture

KLINETE supplied the urban furniture of the new Nicosia Mall. read more

Selected1.jpg 18 Oct 2017  Nicosia General Hospital - Scrubber Dryer Machines

KLINETE was the successful tenderer of the Nicosia General Hospital public tender for 5 scrubber dryer machines. read more

hom_genikonosokomeio.jpg 16 Sep 2017  Another success for KLINETE - Nicosia General Hospital Laundry

On the 15th September, the 5-year contract for the supply of detergents and chemicals for the laundry of the Nicosia General Hospital was successfully completed. On same day, a new contract was assigned to KLINETE for a period of another 2+2 years. read more

TOPSY2_FOD_2.jpg 11 Apr 2017  KLINETE participates in the development of the 14 Greek regional airports.

Klinete has been awarded the international tender for the supply of FOD and security bins for 14 Greek regional airports which are operated by Fraport-Greece.  The bins for FOD (Foreign Object Debris) are designed for small pieces of debris and help to keep the airside clear of any unwanted debris and litter such as nuts and bolts In ... read more

aIMG_64276428.jpg 24 Mar 2017  European Capital of Culture Pafos2017

KLINETE delivered and commission today at the Paphos Municipality a scrubber dryer which will be used to clean the ‘28th October Square’ where the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 was held. read more

_MG_4107.jpg 07 Feb 2017  University of Cyprus Recycling Program

University of Cyprus develops their recycling program at the Unversity campus facilities by adding recyling bins for indoors and outdoors use. KLINETE one more time provided the University with high quality bins which fit with the Univeristy environment because of their smart appearance. read more

IMG_6093a_web.jpg 16 Sep 2016  Bermuda Recycling Bins at Larnaca International Airport

KLINETE continues its great and long standing cooperation with Hermes Airports who are operating Larnaca and Pafos International airports. read more

IMG_5205W.jpg 20 May 2016  Transparent Bins for Larnaca International Airport

The international Airport of Larnaca placed the Topsy C-Thru bins, delivered by KLINETE, in the departures security check for security purposes. read more

SULO 1100-Round_400.jpg 13 Jan 2016  KLINETE LTD was the winner of the Cyprus Ministry of Finance Tender

KLINETE LTD was the winner of the tender for the supply of plastic refuse containers issued by the Cyprus Ministry of Finance. The tender provides for the supply of all containers required during 2016 by the Cyprus Government Departments and local authorities. read more

Ioannides bros.jpg 29 Dec 2015  KLINETE provided Ioannides Bros with new Trolleys

Just before 2016, KLINETE provided Ioannides Bros Supermarkets with brand new Caddie Trolleys. read more

hom_genikonosokomeio.jpg 01 Sep 2015  Renewal of the laundry contract with the Nicosia General Hospital

KLINETE has successfully renewed the contact with the Ministry of Health for the supply of detergents and chemicals for the laundry of the Nicosia General Hospital. read more

limassol old port.jpg 28 Mar 2014  Installation of semi-underground containers in the old port of Limassol.

In the recently renovated old port of Limassol, Cyprus Ports Authority who is the sponsor of the project installed an innovative recycling management system which collects in special containers glass, PMD, paper for recycling, restaurant food remains for biomass and only what is left into a mixed refuse container. The innovative element of the ... read more

IMG_8441a.jpg 02 Apr 2013  Nicosia Hospital Laundry

The technical team of  Klinete / Diversey successfully delivered this week a tailor made innovative dosing system and laundry programmes installation on the industrial laundry machines of the Nicosia General Hospital.  All hospital linen will be laundered and disinfected using a selection of highly effective products made ... read more

IMG_8381b.jpg 15 Mar 2013  Letymbou Square City Furniture

After the completion of the renovation works in the square around the church of Agios Theodoros in the beautiful village of Letymbou few minutes’ drive north of the city of Paphos, Klinete was selected to supply and install the city furniture. The square was designed by the Architects Loucaides & Philippou and includes following ... read more

Stasikratous_6.JPG 02 Dec 2012  Benches in Stasikratous Street

The ALPHABANK, is the sponsor of the new benches installed in the busy shopping streets of Stasikratous  and Makariou in Nicosia. This is part of the Nicosia Municipality plan to offer the shopper the opportunity for a short seating.   The bench selected is the "University bench" which is an ergonomicaly designed heavy duty ... read more

bench castro lsol_7.jpg 15 Feb 2012  Benches around the castle area in Limassol

The Limassol Office of DELOITTE CYPRUS, is the sponsor of the new benches installed in the recently renovated square of the medieval castle in Limassol Municipality.   The bench selected is the "University bench" which is an ergonomicaly designed heavy duty bench with anti-vandal characteristics.   The ... read more

IMG_5693b.jpg 30 Dec 2011  City furniture for the campus of the Cyprus University

The supply and installation of the city furniture for the campus of Cyprus University, after an international tender, was awarded to KLINETE. The equipment was manufactured by METALCO in Italy and it was made up from benches with and without backrest, floor standing bins of various capacities depending on the area traffic, pole mounted bins ... read more

Reflex StAntonios_5.jpg 22 Nov 2011  Underground Refuse Containers in Agios Antonios Market

The Μanaging Director of KLINETE Ltd.  Dr. Stavros Constantinou, presents to the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Recourses and Environment Mr. Sophoclis Aletraris, the Lady Mayor Ms Eleni Mavrou and members of the of Nicosia Municipality board, the characteristics and operational advantages of the newly installed in Nicosia, ... read more

IMG_7186.jpg 18 Nov 2011  Geroskipou Municipality Central Square

KLINETE has successfully completed the installation of the city furniture in the renovated central square of the municipality of Geroskipou. The project includes the supply and installation of: Stainless steel refuse bins along the square, Protection tree grills for the newly planted young trees Stainless steel bicycle stands at the two ... read more

IMG_7246_2.jpg 06 Nov 2011  Solomos Square Bus Station in Nicosia

Another project of KLINETE has been successfully delivered and praised again with very positive comments. This is the installation of city furniture in the renovated “Solomos Square” in Nicosia, which was delivered to the public on Friday 4, November 2011. Our company has supplied and installed the floor standing bins and benches of the square. ... read more

bin nicosia_7207a.jpg 06 Nov 2011  New Bins in the historical Centre of Nicosia

KLINETE LTD has been awarded the supply and installation of the new street bins in Nicosia. The design selected by the Nicosia Municipality, is offered in two sizes in order to take care of the differences in character and space availability in the historical centre inside and the commercial areas outside the Venetian Walls of ... read more

OXI7.jpg 02 Nov 2011  Underground refuse containers in Nicosia. No.2

KLINETE has installed another two underground refuse containers at the centre of Nicosia. The containers are on the road connecting the squares of "OXI" and "Eleftheria" along the Venetian Wall.   At this point, KLINETE installed two containers, which will have a total refuse capacity of 6,4 cubic meters and will replace at least 7 ... read more

Reflex StAntonios_4.jpg 30 Oct 2011  The First Undeground Refuse Containers in Nicosia.

Nicosia Municipality has installed their first fully underground refuse containers, next to Saint Antonios market. This are the first, in a number of containers of the same type planned for installation in the capital of Cyprus. The supply and installation of the containers has been awarded, after an international tender bid, to ... read more

bin nicosia kaimakli_1.jpg 26 Sep 2011  Nicosia Municipality bins at the Cooperation street

Street bins in Kaimakli area of Nicosia Municipality.   KLINETE has supplied and installed the street bins along the ‘Cooperation street at Kaimakli. This road was known as “o sidirodromos” (the railway street) and it was part of the railway crossing cyprus from east to west. The bin selected was the model “Nicosia 52” which is of large ... read more

IMG_1192a.jpg 11 Jan 2010  Larnaca & Pafos airports

We feel very proud for the participation of KLINETE in the supply of equipment in the new airports of Larnaca and Paphos. The Expresso passenger baggage trolley which is made from high strength aluminium and fitted with refundable coin locks, was selected for both airports.  Klinete supplied also the beltline passenger guiding systems. The ... read more

IMG_5214c.jpg 29 Jun 2008  GreenDot Cyprus

We are proud for our cooperation with GreenDot Cyprus and our contribution to their recycling programs in Cyprus. Klinete was selected to supply bins for the recycling of paper, PMD and glass. The bins selected, were the SULO1100 lt with foot operated flat lid in colours of brown for the collection of paper and blue for the collection of PMD ( Plastic, metal and Drinking cartons). For the collection of glass we supplied bell type containers in green colour. read more

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