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High Pressure Washer

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The high pressure washers made by the German company KRANZLE, are well known for the high quality in design, materials and manufacture, resulting in high performance, economical operation and long life.

The KRANZLE washers are equipped with 4-pole motors of low speed for long life. To eliminate corrosion, the pump head is made of die-forged brass, the valve seats and springs are made of stainless steel and the pistons are ceramics coated.


Great attention has been given to safety and depending on the model,

Pressure and flow are controlled and in the mean time a ‘bypass’ operation is allowed.
In case of low water flow the burner stops to avoid overheating in the heating chamber.
Pressure switches control the burner and allow the system to be switched automatically if the gun is closed longer than 20 seconds. The system stars again when the gun is re-opened. In case that the gun remains idle for longer than 20 minutes, the machine is switched off.
Thermostats control the temperature and in case of excess temperature it cuts off the burner. Further more in some models a photocell is installed for optical flame control.

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Cold Water Washers

  • KRANZLE 7/120
  • QUADRO 1000TS

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Cold & Hot Water Washers

  • THERM CA11/130
  • THERM C 11/130
  • THERM 895

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