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Cable machine, tanks 40/40L and width 500mm

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My 50E

The My 50E is a cable scrubber dryer 230V, which can operate easily in small areas from 400 to 2000 m2/h. It simultaneously washes and dries the floor in a single pass, and consequently reduces cleaning times and costs.
The My 50E has been designed according to the most innovative concepts of design and functionality. The shock-resistant and acid proof polyethylene tanks have been designed to make maximum use of the available space offering greater capacity compared with the competitive other machines. All maintenance operations have been simplified so that even unskilled operators can use the machine.  

Specifications My 50E
Working width mm 510
Squeegee width mm 660
Working capacity theoretical m2 2000
Working capacity practical m2 1250
Brush Diameter mm 510
Brushes rotation rpm 135
Brush load Kg 30
Brush pressure g/cm2 27
Brush motor (voltage/power) V / W 230 / 750
Suction motor (voltage/power) V / W 230 / 450
Suction vacuum mbar 105
Solution tank (PE) lt 40
Recovery tank (PE) lt 40
Noise level (IEC 704/1) dBA 58
Mains cable m -


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