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Cleaners trolley, all plastic

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The cleaners trolley Structocart is a completely plastic trolley made from Structural plastic. It washable and it does not corrode.
Its base extends in the front to curry cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner or a mopping bucket. There are another two shelves for cleaning consumables.
It is fitted with a vinyl bag  for collecting refuse. The support of the bag turns upwards for economy in the starage space.
Dimensions : total length 114 x Width 50 x Height 98 cm. ( When the support is turned up the length is reduced to 87cm).  


caution sign.jpg Folding floor safety sign
All construction in Plastic material. Folding for easy transport and storage. Basic colour in Bright Yellow. Printed in Both sides. In English and Greek languages.   Dimensions H=66cm x W=30cm.   “CAUTION WET FLOOR” "ΒΡΕΓΜΕΝΟ ΔΑΠΕΔΟ" read more

IMG_7475c.jpg Floor safety caution cone
All construction in Plastic material. High visibility due to large size. At the top, it accepts a second sign. The caution message is printed on all 4-sides of   the cone (trapezoidal- pyramid shape). Position stability due to the big square base. It can be used as a barrier using tape, rope or chain.   The colour in Bright ... read more


ceramica.jpg Neutral and quick drying floor detergent
  The ceramica is a fragranced neutral detergent  which is  ideal for the mopping of non protected floors such as glossy ceramic floors, marble, granite etc.    Key properties * Neutral pH * Contains solvents * Quick drying without marks * Pleasant fragrance    read more

CarefreeMaintainer_1.jpg Carefree floor cleaner and maintainer
  The MAINTAINER is a fragranced neutral detergent with wax emulsion, ideal to clean and maintain protected and unprotected floors.    Key properties * Neutral pH * Blend of wax emulsions * Pleasant floral fragrance    Benefits * Safe to use on emulsion floor finishes * Provides good ... read more

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