Hand Hygiene

One of the major causes of cross contamination and the spread of infection is people not washing their hands when they should, not washing them in the correct way or not drying them thoroughly. This has a huge impact on the community health as well as the economy. It also puts tremendous pressure on hospitals, as vulnerable people such as children and the elderly are likely to become very ill and potentially could be hospitalised.

It is, therefore, very important to wash our hands frequently and correctly and then to dry them thoroughly.

The health and hygiene of your employees and guests should be one of your main concerns, as this might impact your brand reputation, staff wellbeing and eventually turnover.

Hand Washing Facts


In KLINETE, we understand the importance of hand hygiene in our clients’ establishments, and thus, we have a range of products and solutions which can be used to ensure the correct hand hygiene practices.

The solutions we offer are safe, certified, and cost-effective including hand soaps, hand sanitisers, dispensers, and hand hygiene stations, accompanied with all relevant documents and material.

Hand soap:

We offer a range of cream, foam and liquid soaps which are currently being used among others in establishments such as hospitals, restaurant kitchens, hotels, offices, and supermarkets. Our hand soap range includes simple and antibacterial soaps, and they can be dispensed through manual or automatic dispensers ideal for such applications.

Hand Sanitiser:

Covid-19 pandemic, showed the importance of alcoholic sanitisers to be used for hand hygiene. Because of the pandemic, there was a huge demand of hand sanitisers resulting to global shortage of quality alcohol. To respond to the increasing demand, many manufacturers used lower quality alcohol, resulting to the appearance of low quality, sticky, and smelly sanitisers, many times without any certificate of permit. Keeping our high standards, in KLINETE we offer hand sanitisers of the highest quality with 70% alcohol and added moisturiser to protect the skin. None of our hand sanitisers have colour or smell other than the alcohol, which makes it suitable for hospitals and restaurants, conforming with the HACCP regulations.

Hand hygiene stations:

Hand wash and hygiene is necessary for the staff in hospitals, kitchen and housekeeping, however, it is important to have available stations in the entrance and every floor of your building for the guests. We offer a range of dispensers, either manual or automatic, which can be installed on walls (kitchen, washrooms etc.) or on a stand (building entrance, lifts etc.­).

Living in an environment where bacteria responsible for contagious diseases is becoming ever more resilient to modern antibiotics, hand washing is one of the most important procedures to protect yourself and others from infection. It is therefore paramount that the hand washing product and system you choose for your particular workplace are correct and suitable for your environment.

Ask us for more information and material on hand wash and hygiene for your workplace.

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