Laundry Project - Cap St. Georges Hotel and Resort - Pafos

We are happy to share our installation of the laundry dilution machines at the new 5-star Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort in Paphos which was recently completed.

We supply the hotel, with high quality laundry detergents made by Diversey.

The installation was followed by a complete training of the staff by Mr. Tony Vassiliou for the correct and safe use of the products.

The laundry program is the same program which is being successfully used for a decade in Anassa, Almyra and Anabelle Hotels of the Thanos Hotels group in Paphos, as well as the Grand Resort in Limassol. The quality of  Diversey’s products, as well as the proper guidance and consulting services offered by KLINETE, were decisive factors to trust our company in this new project.

The years of experience and professionalism of KLINETE employees in the field of laundry chemicals, especially in hotel units, give advantage to our customers as we can offer solutions in case of problems, but most importantly, we prevent issues from arising through appropriate training and proper advice.