4-Wheel, dome lid container
Large 4-wheel plastic bin of 1100lt capacity and lightweight of approx. 65 kg. It is made of high-density, high-molecular polyethylene HDPE

Four safety wheels and 8 practical handling grips for maximum manoeuvrability
Balanced swinging lid with maintenance-free spring support system
Three possible stopping positions; open, half open and closed.
Maximum safety due to patented child safety device. Standard metal stops restricting the closure of lid at 18,1cm. Robust lock mechanism using safe two-hand operation.
Complies with European standard EN 840-3/840-5/840-6 and the AWB quality guidelines.
Flat surface interior walls: easy to clean and therefore hygienic

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Specifications MGB1100
Capacity Lt 1100
Material High molecular and high density polyethylene
European Standards EN 840/3/5/6-2004
Weight of empty bin Kg 65
Load as per En840 Kg 440 / 510
Height mm 1465
Width mm 1260
Width with trunnions mm 1360
Side depth mm 1070
Wheels / load capacity mm / N 200 / 2000
brakes 2 at the front wheels
Handles No. 8

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