Automatic 35L with 2 brushes

The CHARIS AUTOMATIC is an innovative self-contained carpet extractor designed for medium carpeted areas. it is possible to perfectly clean a 40cm stripe of carpet, in a single pass. Thanks to its 2 counter-rotating brushes, the dirt is removed from the base of carpet fibres. Adjustable brush pressure and variable solution flow allow maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning. It is also possible to perform a deep pre-brushing of carpet before extraction cleaning, which is useful for very dirty carpet areas.
The high waterlift vacuum system allows an excellent removal of the dirt and a short drying time. With only 60 decibel, it is possible to work without disturbing other people. The patented “click” system allows manoeuvring the machine in a lightest way. It is possible to work for many hours without effort.

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Noise Level: dB 60
Recovery tank capacity: lt 35
Solution tank capacity: lt 35
Vacuum motor: 1 motor – 3 stages – high waterlift
Power: V – Watts 230 – 1500
Maximum waterlift: H2O 3400
Maximum air-flow: l/sec 45
Pump with by-pass: type Membrane
Pump Power: V – W 230- 80
Maximum pump pressure: bar 9
Maximum water-flow: l/min 4,5
Brush motor power: V – W – rpm 230 -2×120 – 600
Cleaning width: mm 400
Number of nozzles: No. 5+1
Weight (machine body): Kg 55
Dimensions: cm 421x104x96

CHARIS_Technical Specifications