Compact with tanks 40L and scrubbing width 51cm

The compact, battery operated scrubber dryer iMx50B is a walk behind machine with a 51cm scrubbing width which gives perfectly cleaned and dry floors.
It is a 24V battery machine allowing more than 3 hours autonomy and it is fitted with 2 tanks of 40 litters, easy to clean and sanitize.
It is a handy and fast floor cleaner suitable for daily maintenance.
The noise level of the machine is bellow the 58dA

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Specifications iMx 50B
Scrubbing width mm 510
Squeegee width mm 680
Number / Diameter of brushes No.x mm 1 x 510
Number of revolutions of brushes rpm 166
Productivity (theoretical) m2/hr 2295
Productivity (practical) m2/hr 1500
Floor pressure Kg 30
Solution tank capacity Lt 40
Suction tank capacity Lt 40
Brush motor power V-W 24 – 500
Suction motor power V-W 24 – 310
Total power installed W 810
Batteries voltage system V 24
Batteries Amperhours at 5hr discharge Ahr – (5hr) 80
Total battery energy available VAhr 1920
Expected operating hours hrs 3
Battery charger V-A 24 – 10
Weight without batteries Kg 76
Dimensions m 1,18 x 0,59 x 1,03
Noise Level (IEC 704/1) dB(A) 58