4-Wheel, flat lid metal container with 1100L capacity and food pedal for easier opening.

The material is hot galvanised steel.
Four safety wheels and 6 handles, 4 on the bin and 2 on the lid.
The lid is reinforced plastic with anti-vandalism characteristics. It can remain opened for refuse depositing.
Complies with European standard EN 840-2,5,6
The front wheels are fitted with foot brakes and the 2 side wheels with straight movement guides.
Flat surface interior walls: easy to clean and therefore hygienic.
Strong Anti-vandalism characteristics, especially against fire.

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Specifications MGB1100 METAL
Capacity Lt 1100
Material Hot galvanised steel 1,25mm
European Standards EN 840/2,5,6
Weight of empty bin Kg 100
Useful load Kg 440
Height mm 1420
Width mm 1250
Width with trunnions mm 1370
Side depth mm 1060
Wheels  mm 200
brakes 2 at the front wheels
Handles No. 4 on body / 2 on lid

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