StractoBlack Cleaning Trolley 180C

Plastic trolley with 2 buckets and wringer.

The cleaning trolley StructoBlack is made of special “Structural plastic”. It will not rust.

It is fitted with 2 large rear fixed wheels and 2 smaller swivell wheels.
The cleaning supplies are carried in 2 plastic trays. Two buckets 18lt each and a wringer are placed at the front nose.
Waste is collected at a plastic bag placed at the rear of the trolley.
Overall dimensions: L130 x W60 x H100 cm

It can be offered as a complete cleaning station with professional mop 500gr with pole and safety sign.


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Recommended accessories
Mop Kentucky type 500gr with end band
Mop handle 140cm in Aluminium.
Safety / Warning sign.

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