Structocart Cleaners trolley

The cleaners trolley Structocart is a completely plastic trolley made from Structural plastic. It washable and it does not corrode.
Its base extends in the front to carry cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner or a mopping bucket. There are another two shelves for cleaning consumables.

Fitted with 2 large rare wheels 200mm and 2 smaller front wheels 80mm.

The front platform is large and can fit buckets or other cleaning equipement.

Special openings on the structure for accessories support sucj as mop, broom etc.

It is fitted with a vinyl bag for collecting refuse. The support of the bag turns upwards for economy in the starage space.
Dimensions : Total length 114 x Width 50 x Height 98 cm. ( When the support is turned up the length is reduced to 87cm).

Ref. 60 70 02 160 Categories ,
Code Description Dimensions Weight
160 Structocart cleaners trolley 114x50x98cm 15kg