2-Wheel bin 120 lt with lid

Compact and universally usable
Capacity 120 l
Lightweight of approximately 11.0Kg
Equipped with one piece grip along the back
Flat surface interior walls: easy to clean and therefore especially hygienic
Low-noise during filling and emptying
Suitable for front loading (as per DIN)

Materials and Design
All plastic parts made of high-molecular high-density polyethylene
Uniform, environmentally-friendly colouring materials are available for all popular bin colours.
Customer colours available on request.
Resistant to rotting, frost, heat and chemicals and are non-ageing due to special UV stabilisation.
Series MGB 80, MGB 120 and MGB 240 fulfil European Standards EN 840-1, 840-5 and 840-6.
MGB 60, MGB 80, MGB 120 and MGB 240 fulfil the AWB quality guideline requirements.
The material and production qualities are constantly monitored in SULO laboratory in accordance with EN 840-5. The health and safety requirements comply with EN 840-6.
The bins are easily recyclable.
Front edge of bin has supporting and guiding ribs and special ribbing to withstand high mechanical loads
Special stacking ribs prevent jamming when bins are stacked.
Dual angle rail for more secure tipping.
Lid with drip rim: Condensate drips back into the bin.
Open wheel case prevents accumulation of dirt.
Wheels on outside of bin result in excellent stability.
Quiet running, full rubber wheels with diameter of 200mm.
Load capacity per wheel 1000N.
Wheel fixed using spring-loaded steel pin on a galvanised steel axle.
Bins made of recycled material are also available.

Capacity 120 L
A Total height 930
B Bin Height 870
C Bin Depth 480
D Total Depth 545
E Width 480
F Handle Width 335
G Wheel Diameter 200
Empty Weight 9.3Kg
Colours Green, Blue, Brown, Yellow

Wheels No2 x Φ200mm x 100 Kg
Material High-molecular high-density polyethylene

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