Waste Bins at Paralimni Municipality

KLINETE was the successful tenderer in a public tender by the Municipality of Paralimni for the supply of 100 waste bins on the streets of the Municipality. The bins placed are of large capacity 90L and are made of the special synthetic material Durapol®. This material is suitable for the streets of the Municipality since it is very strong with high resistance to high temperatures, such as those of Cyprus, humidity as it exists in a seaside are and vandalism. This bin has been placed on the streets of various municipalities in Cyprus and abroad for many years.

Specifically, the same bins have been placed on the streets of the Municipality of Paralimni since 2010, and 10 years later they are not only functional but also in excellent condition!


As part of the effort to keep our streets clean, on the bins that we supplied this year to the Municipality, an ashtray was added on the top of the bin for the extinguishing of cigarettes, so as not to avoid the cigarette butts on the floor.

The bins were supplied and installed before the holiday of 15th of August, when many tourists and visitors visit the Municipality.